Smart ID card

Identity theft and marriage fraud are just some of the major challenges facing the South African Department of Home Affairs. But, working with the department, LAWtrust is bringing new levels of trust and security to the South African identity management landscape by replacing traditional green ID books with Smart ID cards.

Once issued with a Smart ID card, every South African will have a secure, verifiable identity, vastly reducing the risk of having that identity stolen by fraudsters.

How does it work?

By using LAWtrust’s public key infrastructure (PKI) platform, data contained in the Smart ID card is digitally signed by a secure, trusted source, read and validated back to that source at any relevant checkpoint. If the chip or data contained on the chip has been altered, falsified or copied, our trust infrastructure rejects the card and authentication is denied. 

This new technology will also allow a variety of service providers like banks to authenticate people through the secure biometric information stored on the card. This allows for greatly enhanced service delivery when signing up new clients or transacting with existing ones.

LAWtrust provides end-to-end security solutions for citizen-centric environments, including encryption technology, digital certificates and key management systems, supporting the highest cryptographic security standards. And because our eID infrastructure can either be newly built or extended from existing platforms, we help ensure that you maximise your investment in citizen authentication and fraud management.