ONE PASSWORD. ONE VAULT. ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS PROTECTED todays world where high profile leaks of personal information and phishing attacks are rampant, a new approach is required to provide secure authentication. 

As a member of the FIDO Alliance, Etion Secure (incorporating LAWtrust) proudly presents the SOLIDWebkey USB device, implementing FIDO Universal second factor (U2F) authentication.

The device allows an unlimited amount of FIDO U2F registrations for second factor authentication on popular websites like google, Facebook and Dropbox. 

The SOLIDWebkey also provides portable storage for passwords and associated account data.  The secure storage space (a physical password vault) can store up to 2000 password records.


Download Solid WebKey Brochure

Benefits and features
    P256 ECC Algorithm for performing the FIDO U2F protocol.
    SHA 256 Hashing
    USB- A Connector.
    HID Interface.
    Capacitive touch sensor.
    Green LED.
    The device has been tested for interoperability with all major FIDO U2F websites and operating systems.
    Password management SDK or application is available on a project basis.
    The FIDO U2F capbility can be used on any platform that supports USB with the required browser support.  This includes PC and MAC.
    The FIDO U2F Capability is currently supported by the following browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
    FIDO U2F Certification.
    CE Certification.
  • Download FIDO Certificate

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