SSL certificates

 LAWtrust provides SSL digital certificates that are trusted by more than 99.9 percent of all web browsers and mobile devices in use today 

SSL certificates provide one of the most important components of encrypting your website data and securing online transactions. Whether you need to protect login details, file transfers, electronic payments or sensitive information in general, choosing the right SSL certificate for your business is vital. 

LawTrust provides a comprehensive offering of SSL certificates, providing the strongest encryption in order to meet the demand of today’s online climate. From standard SSL certificates to high-assurance extended validation, LAWtrust is committed to enhancing consumer confidence and online trust with a heightened focus on validation – the cornerstone for secure and trusted online transactions.

Our solutions offer fast, local, and multilingual support, backed by the best certificate management systems in the market. 

Choose the right SSL certificate for you

LAWtrust SSL certificates are designed to meet a variety of needs, and have additional hard-to-find features such as strong encryption and browser trust. Regardless of how many servers you have, domains you need secured or your server’s type, LAWtrust has an SSL certificate for you.

Compare our Certificates
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UC Multi-Domain
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EV Multi-Domain
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Used when you needBasic SSL/TLS securitySSL/TLS Security that includes 1 additional domainSSL/TLS Security for multiple domains that are hosted on a web server, load balancer, Exchange, or Lync ServersSSL/TLS Security that provides the highest level of assurance and confidence to the site visitorsSSL/TLS Security for multiple first level sub domains where domain names are changing frequentlySSL/TLS Security to support Non Fully Qualified Domain names for internal servers
Certificate supports both domain.com and www.domain.com    N/AN/A
Certificate supports both *.domain.com and domain.com      
Supports Multiple Wildcard SANs      
Additional SANs included N/A13 (up to 250 additional SANs are available at R386 each)1 (up to 250 additional SANs are available at R1129 each)10 sub-domain SANs included for free, up to 250 additional regular (R149 each) or wildcard ( R1490 each) SAN’s are availableUp to 250 additional SANs are available at R149 each
Management Console with Free Re-issues and Unlimited Server Licensing      
Browser Display ExampleOrganization Validated LockOrganization Validated LockOrganization Validated LockExtended Validation LockOrganization Validated LockOrganization Validated Lock
Assurance Level Organization Validated
Organization Validated
Organization Validated
Extended Validation
(very high)
Organization Validated
Organization Validated
Validity Options 2-24 months2-24 months2-24 months2-24 months2-24 months2-24 months
Site Seal with real time status checkEntrust Site SealEntrust Site SealEntrust Site SealEntrust Site SealEntrust Site SealEntrust Site Seal
RSA + ECC 2048 bit / 3072 bit / 4096 bit key       
Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)      
Desktop and Mobile Device Compatibility99.9%+99.9%+99.9%+99.9%+99.9%+N/A
Volume Discounts and 30 Day Refund      
Free Website Security PackageBasic BundleBasic BundleBasic BundleEnhanced BundleBasic Bundle 
Free phone, e-mail, and chat support      
SHA-2 Signing      

Cutting-edge encryption

With LAWtrust’s 2048-bit SSL certificates, supporting both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption, you have the most secure encryption solutions available.

Unsurpassed service

As an industry leader in data protection, LAWtrust offers real-time, localised support to its clients, with a dedicated team on hand to address all questions and concerns should they arise. Get in touch with us to find out more.  

  • WebTrust Seal of Assurance
    Entrust was the first certification authority (CA) in the world to earn the WebTrust for Certification Authorities (CAs) Seal of Assurance from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA).
  • Proven browser trust
    LAWtrust provides Entrust SSL digital certificates that are trusted by more than 99.9 percent of all web browsers and mobile devices in use today. No matter your browsing platform of choice, you can be sure LAWtrust SSL certificates are secure, trusted and interoperable with today’s most popular applications.
  • Unlimited server licences
    Save resources by installing a certificate on an unlimited number of servers, allowing you to leverage a single certificate for load‑balancing purposes or to secure pilot, test and production environments.
  • Site seal strength
    It’s proven that customers have increased confidence and lower “abandonment” when an SSL site seal is displayed on a website. The Entrust Site Seal establishes your business as a safe place to conduct online business, instilling a higher level of trust with customers.
  • Speed and trust
    Entrust’s Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is integrated with the world’s top content delivery networks (CDN), including Akamai, which dramatically improves global performance and stability. Website performance is directly impacted by the speed of the revocation checks, and the site’s uptime is affected by the resiliency of a revocation service. Plus, our reliable certificate revocation list (CRL) services ensure revoked certificates aren’t publicly trusted.