Use cases

Paperless initiatives and corporate signing


  • Totally secure signing
  • Full accountability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective 

In today’s rapidly developing digital environment, the paper-based approach of manually sending, printing, scanning or ink-signing physical documents has become burdensome and expensive. LAWtrust's signing and approval solutions offer the perfect alternative.

These solutions also provide an effective means for dealing with sensitive corporate documentation, such as minutes of board meetings, committee findings and board resolutions. Our cloud-based system provides a totally secure out-of-band mechanism to transfer sensitive documents to recipients, with a full audit trail and proof of delivery.

LAWtrust’s signing solutions will drastically improve the speed of sending sensitive documents to corporate executives and shareholders, and ensure that your business is never held up by cumbersome paper processes.   

Original documents

Unlike in a typical scenario, as seen here, where multiple original copies must be signed and stored, LAWtrust’s digital signing and paperless initiatives provides a process that can be engaged with from anywhere, and at any time.


As seen here, in a typical scenario, where signatures must be collected from multiple locations, an additional level of complexity and tediousness is added. However, with LAWtrust’s Bulk Signing and other signing solutions, we offer peace of mind and minimised risk.