Use cases

POPI compliance

LAWtrust provides a variety of commercial and in-house encryption solutions that enable the storage of personal information in encrypted format, in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act.

The POPI Act and the subsequent appointment of the regulator has sharply focused businesses on the potential compliance risk and consequent financial and reputational damage associated with the insecure handling of personal information. 

While compliance on a large scale requires a careful analysis of the information used by and distributed by an organisation, there are some obvious areas that require the immediate application of additional security. 

LAWtrust can assist with an immediate solution to secure inter-company/inter-division email communications where very sensitive data is sometimes casually transmitted over unprotected emails. 

The best solution is one that can analyse the communication and detect sensitive words or phrases and then trigger an automated, encrypted transmission in a manner that is transparent to both the sender and the recipient. LAWtrust will work with the client to optimise the list of words and phrases that are meaningful to the company in terms of IP protection, POPI compliance and financial security.

Furthermore, LAWtrust assists organisations by ensure that strong authentication is implemented to protect access to sensitive data, as well as the necessary data or database encryption required.