Use cases

Securing digital information

By using a variety of encryption solutions and products such asstrong authentication, SSL certificates, PKI and more, LAWtrust helps protect your business in an online world that is always connected, but rarely secure.

  • Foster customer trust and loyalty
  • Secure your business from digital attacks
  • A variety of solutions to suit your needs
  • A full team of experts on hand to assist 

Financial institutions that offer digital banking services are seeing huge growth opportunities – but they need secure platforms that can withstand increasingly sophisticated attacks. Our IdentityGuard strong authentication solutions are compliant with regulations and make digital banking easy, prevent fraud, and drive customer trust and loyalty.

Along with digital certificates, public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions are often vital in securing important transactions, authenticating identities and protecting sensitive information. With LAWtrust, you’ll be able to leverage the convenience of a full PKI solution without an expensive upfront investment or secure facilities, and our team of experts are on hand to guide you.