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LAWtrust is Africa’s leading Trust Centre, Security Integrator and Security Solutions Developer

We provide world-class security in the digital world – to the ultimate benefit of the human one. People are at the centre of everything we do, be it securing identity documents, protecting companies or supporting the communities around us. 

Bulk Signing

A convenient way to sign off on large amounts of files is the “watched folder” approach, where output files are placed in a folder and picked up by an external application for processing. LAWtrust uses the SigningHub Enterprise Auto File Processor (AFP) to help your business handle large quantities of documents needing digital signature approval.

SigningHub Enterprise is a multi-function server providing digital signature creation and verification services for PDFs, XML data and other files. The good news is that it can also be integrated within existing business processes, either by using web-services calls, our high-level application program interfaces, the AFP product itself, or the Secure Email Server solution.

How does it work?
The main use of AFP is the bulk signing of documents, especially documents such as PDF invoices. AFP creates digital signatures by calling the SigningHub Enterprise server with a specified signing profile, and this pre-defined profile determines the type of signature to be produced.

The signed documents are delivered back to AFP which writes them to an output folder, or if a problem is detected, an issues folder. LAWtrust can easily enhance the AFP to offer signature verification services and long-term document archive services on request.