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LAWtrust is Africa’s leading Trust Centre, Security Integrator and Security Solutions Developer

We provide world-class security in the digital world – to the ultimate benefit of the human one. People are at the centre of everything we do, be it securing identity documents, protecting companies or supporting the communities around us. 

Signing Solutions

In today’s rapidly developing digital environment, the paper-based approach of manually sending, printing, scanning or ink-signing physical documents has become cumbersome and expensive. LAWtrust’s digital signing and approval solutions offer the perfect alternative.

These solutions also provide an effective means for dealing with sensitive corporate documentation, such as minutes of board meetings, committee findings and board resolutions. Our cloud-based system provides a totally secure out-of-band mechanism to transfer sensitive documents to recipients, with a full audit trail and proof of delivery.

LAWtrust’s digital signing solutions will drastically improve the speed of sending sensitive documents to corporate executives and shareholders, and ensure that your business is never held up by cumbersome paper processes.

View our signing solutions below.

Paper signing vs electronic signatures

  with paper documents  using e-documents 
 Originality   Paper copy of the original is needed   Always available online, and more than one original can exist 
 Completeness  Pages can be missing, lost or damaged    Not possible to have missing, lost or damaged pages
 Authenticity   Achieved using inked initials and hand signatures   Achieved using advanced digital signatures
  Non-repudiation  Achieved using multi-witnessed/notarised copies  Achieved using ADS with optional notary
 Confidentiality   Using sealed envelopes and couriers  Using encrypted SSL/TLS secure sessions
  Time notarisation  May be unclear exactly when signed   Online timestamp authority provides secure and trusted time of signing action 
  Wor kflow management  Document whereabouts is unclear  The document status and next user action is always available 
 Archiving  Difficult to find, and scanned back-ups are unsuitable for proof   Multiple copies can be kept at different sites in a secure digital archive format


SigningHub Cloud provides a quick and user-friendly digital signing platform for sending, viewing and returning signed e-documents.

This web-based system is in the cloud, offering a completely secure mechanism for sending and receiving sensitive documents, with a full audit trail and proof of delivery.


A convenient way to sign off on large amounts of files is the “watched folder” approach, where output files are placed in a folder and picked up by an external application for processing.

LAWtrust uses the SigningHub Enterprise Auto File Processor (AFP) to help your business handle large quantities of documents needing digital signature approval.