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LAWtrust is Africa’s leading Trust Centre, Security Integrator and Security Solutions Developer

We provide world-class security in the digital world – to the ultimate benefit of the human one. People are at the centre of everything we do, be it securing identity documents, protecting companies or supporting the communities around us. 


Working remotely has many benefits, you get flexible working hours, more time with the family and you do not have to get stuck in traffic!

But working remotely also comes with its challenges. One of the greatest challenges is signing documents, whether they are contracts or other business documents. If you are not in the office you cannot sign and this can hold up major deals and even cost you money. Fortunately, with LAWtrust’s digital signing products, you can sign documents, including contracts from anywhere in the world, in a safe and secure manner that also boosts productivity. Our digital signing products will ensure that the right people sign the right documents, with auditable security and integrity.

Let LAWtrust partner with you on your journey to total flexibility in working remotely.


Increased efficiency
Getting an ink signature takes time. Get documents signed off in minutes with SigningHub.

Trusted security
Any changes made after the document is signed are detected immediately, and transparency is guaranteed, meaning you’ll always know whose signature is recorded. Multiple parties can sign one document as part of a workflow process.

Save on costs
Paper-based signing processes are hugely expensive. Let us help you drastically cut down on costs by removing physical paper from the equation.

Go green
Because signing is virtual, SigningHub offers an environmentally friendly alternative.

Ease of use
SigningHub is easy to use, and along with its clean user interface, the platform has proven immensely popular.

SigningHub makes use of standards-based PKI digital signature techniques, meaning that anyone using programs like Adobe® Reader can verify signatures.